Girouette (Girouette)
Luxury Condominiums for sale in very central Neigborhood.
Nafl. 575.000,- K.K.
Damasco Resort 69 (Janthiel)
NEW PRICE!Beautifull recently finished home with a view for sale in very central neighborhood.
Nafl. 435.000,-
Van Engelen Resort (Van Engelen Resort)
Luxury condominiums and houses for sale in gated resort.
Starting at Nafl. 295.000,-
Marina Village (Sta. Barbara)
Marina Village delux resort waterfront homes. Next to golf course, marina and beach.
Starting at 650.000,- dollars
Rooikatootje (Rooikatootje)
Nice spacious home for sale in very central neighborhood close to shops , schools and supermarket.
Nafl. 995.000,- Negotiable
Residencias Jalousie (Kas Grandi)
Nice tropical homes for sale in nice gated community close to beaches and shops.
Custom villas Starting at Nafl.200.000,-
Botterlier (Bottelier)
Nice 3 bedroom house for sale with 2 Bedroom apartment on ground floor.
Nafl. 875.000,-
Botterlier (Bottelier)
Beautiful vacation home for sale with great vies over the Island.
Salinja (Salinja)
Newly renovated 3 bedroom house for sale.
Nafl. 430.000,-
Boca Gentil (Boca Gentil)
Beautifull Oceanfront villa for sale.
Call for Pricing
Damasco Resort (Damasco Resort )
Nice turn-key house for sale in Janthiel area.
Nafl. 500.000,-
Windgate (Sta Rosa)
3 Bedroom houses for sale in gated resort.
Starting at Nafl. 210.000,-