Girouette (Girouette)
Luxury Condominiums for sale in very central Neigborhood.
Nafl. 575.000,- K.K.
Jansofat (Jansofat)
Luxury Villa for sale in beautifull and safe gated resort.
Nafl. 850.000,-
Damasco Resort 69 (Janthiel)
NEW PRICE!Beautifull recently finished home with a view for sale in very central neighborhood.
Nafl. 435.000,-
Marina Village (Sta. Barbara)
Marina Village delux resort waterfront homes. Next to golf course, marina and beach.
Starting at 650.000,- dollars
Rooikatootje (Rooikatootje)
Nice 6 bedroom house loctaed in very central neighborhood close to shops and schools.
Nafl. 750.000,-
Residencias Jalousie (Kas Grandi)
Nice tropical homes for sale in nice gated community close to beaches and shops.
Custom villas Starting at Nafl.200.000,-
Fransia (Fransia)
Nice 3 Bedroom house with aparment located in central neighborhood.
Nafl. 699.000,-
Boca Gentil (Boca Gentil)
Beautifull Oceanfront villa for sale.
Call for Pricing
Kas Grandi (Kas Grandi)
Nice Spacious house with 360 degrees views over the Island. Lot size c.a. 1.900 m2
NAfl. 995.000,-
Toni Koenchi (Toni Koenchi)
Nice spacious house located in very central neighbourhood.
Nafl. 625.000,-